What Makes Ben Seymour Tick

Mar 21, 2018

As the men’s global fitness world heats up with the rise of Instagram workouts taking over our feeds, we chat to Ben Seymour a.k.a @seemorebenny. Not only is he an ex professional rugby player both in Oz and Europe, a gun Personal and Group Fitness Trainer, it’s fair to say he has inspired a few workouts at The Active Man HQ and no doubt around the world.  Ben hails from New Zealand, but now calls Bondi Beach, Sydney home.  Read on below as we find out more about Ben and his life of fitness.


1) Where are you from and what do you do for a living?  I was born in New Zealand but now live in Sydney, Australia. I am a Gym Owner, Personal Trainer and Group Instructor.


2) How did you get into fitness? What are your daily non-negotiable’s?  I played Rugby Union since I was 4 years old so fitness has always been a part of my life. I have to do some form of exercise each day. Its not always a full on session it could just be a walk along the coast but getting out and being active is a non-negotiable.


4) Do you train every day? If not what day is usually your rest day?  I try to have a rest day every week but to be honest I find it hard to sit still. I know my body well and if its screaming for a rest then I will listen otherwise I just have a less intense training day!


5) What are you currently training for? what goals are you working towards?  I don’t currently have something that I’m training for. I was training to Deadlift 250kg which I was stoked with when I got the lift! I’d say next up is an ultra event – maybe a 100km run or 24hr obstacle race.


6) What is BeFit and how does the gym differ from others ? BeFit Training is a boutique personalised group strength and conditioning facility. We offer clients a state-of-the-art training centre in Sydney’s Double Bay and some of the best strength and conditioning coaches around. We’ve reinvented group training to make it personal. We develop a program customised to you based on your goals, limitations and history to work into our dynamic group training environment.


7) Describe your day on a plate? do you make your own meals or have them delivered through a healthy food service? I am lucky enough to be the Ambassador to Naked Nutrition which is a gourmet meal prep service here in Sydney. It is by far the best meal prep company around with meals personalised to my macro nutrient needs! These save my life!


8) Greatest accomplishment in fitness and business?  Making my Super Rugby Debut with the Western Force and Top14 Debut with Agen. Also becoming apart of the BeFit Training family.


9) Do you listen to podcasts? if so, can you recommend any? I listen to a few but I really want to listen to podcasts more often. I feel it is a great way to spend my time while driving or traveling. I enjoy the likes of ATP Science, Joe Rogen, Gary Vee.


10) What mobility exercises do you incorporate into your training routine? I am very bad with this!! Ha. There is a stretch studio down the road from my gym so I go in there and lie down while they stretch me, Its amazing!! haha


11) What essentials would we find in your gym bag? Lots of clothes, Pre Workout, Essential Amino Acids, Protein, Shakers, Hand Sanitiser!


12) One thing people may not know about you? I absolutely love traveling and wish I could do it on a daily basis!

 Quick fire questions –

1. Favourite holiday destination?  Greece
2. LA or NYC? LA
3. Alcoholic beverage of choice? Peroni
4.Cricket, League or Union? Union
5. James Bond or Jason Bourne? Jason Bourne
6. Ultimate car? Range Rover Vogue

Want to train like Ben?  Check out this ab workout below

Ben Seymour push/pull ring workout

Incorporate this little finisher into your push pull day

1. Strict press x 8
2. L-Sit ring pull upsx 8
3. Ring dips x 8

If you want to see more of Ben, you can follow all his workouts and daily life in Sydney on Instagram @seemorebenny

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