Online Program

My Online Programming is personalised to YOUR goals and equipment that you have access too.

You will receive the program on a Sunday evening and it consists of 5 sessions. 3 strength based sessions and 2 pure conditioning sessions. We have constant communication with each other and if you need anything, I’m always here!

All of this for just $30(AUD) per week, billed fortnightly.

I also offer help with nutrition through a dietician if you’re really looking at capitalising on your training. If this is something that you’re interested in:

Then click ‘Online Program’ and follow the links to payment.

Once this has been completed, I will send you a questionnaire and assessment sheet which gives me all the information to program specifically for you.

It also gives you a Rep Max Guideline so you have a better idea of what you should be lifting for the different reps of each exercise. This is done from you performing 5RM testing.

I really look forward to helping you smash your goals!

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